1000 Voices “My WOWZA Experience” by Ann Eke

It all started when I got the news about the summit sometime in September 2017, it gave me sleepless nights because I did not know how to present it to my husband that I will be travelling to Lagos with my son who was still breastfeeding at that time and also that i would be spending nothing less than 20k to embark on that journey. It just didn’t make sense to him because he said and I quote” baby it is not worth the stress and you will come back angry and disappointed and also unleash them on me. Moreso, this people wants to make money off you guys” I remembered telling him that I will regret if I didn’t attend, I further explained to him how impactful the regional conference I attended at asaba was, and that was at no cost.. Superb !!! was expression and 😬😬 .

I had secrete hopes of the people I wanted to meet at the summit, most ecpecially Mrs Tara herself. He finally gave in and eureka !! I started counting down to NOV 8. I made payments and uploaded my personalized “ I am attending poster” on instagram and guess who responded to my upload?

Mrs Tara herself 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 she wrote and I quote” I can’t wait to see you” that sentence allayed all my fears and worries about my intended journey.

Fast forward to the 8th of November, all dressed and feeling fly, I got to the venue @ 8:50 am, after registration I moved to the entrance door where I will be checked by the security men. There was a small queue, while waiting for my turn guess who showed up? My Almighty mama Impact (mrs Tara) approaching me dressed in just a jean and a top? No bodyguards? No makeup on fleek? No attitude? As simple as a jambite. That episode wowed me because I envisaged her entry will be grand like that of the wife of the Anambra state Gov “loool” But she humbled me honestly. As if that was not enough, I approached her for a selfie and she was all smiles I died and resurrected when she hugged. I was wowwwwwwwwwwwed a million times. Just typing this alone is making me shiver because many memories are flooding my brain at the moment.

The #1000voices summit was awesome, very educative, informative and inspirational. I learnt a lot from all the speakers most especially the one on Book Keeping that lecture mirrored my business life and opened me bare and up till date I am still practicing all I learnt from that book keeping lecture. It was an eventful summit and I must say it gave me unmerited recognition and increased my sales. I enjoyed every minute I stayed in that room. It was worth all the stress I passed through to be at that summit. It was worth weaning my baby abruptly just to be at the Mother of all Summits.

I am looking forward to attending yet another one from HOT. Thanks House of Tara for impacting my life 😬😬.

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